Social Studies of Environmentalism


Critical Environmentalism accepts submissions for three principle genres:

Book Reviews (600-2000 words) Critical Environmentalism welcomes applications from writers keen on crafting compelling and smart reviews of upcoming books that critically engage with environmental work.  Reviewers will enjoy the following benefits:

Writers: Send 1) your bio 2) a writing sample, and 3) the title of your proposed book to:  CriticalEnvironmentalism[at]

Publishers: If you’d like us to review a book from your catalog, please contact us at: CriticalEnvironmentalism[at]

Intelligence Briefings (400-1500 words)  We recode key academic papers into straightforward and timely briefings for non-academics.  These briefings provide actionable insight for policymakers, NGOs, philanthropists, non-profits, governments, journalists, and other practitioners.

Academic Writers: Our briefings provide unprecedented exposure for your work.  Our briefings are widely syndicated, cited by journalists, and translated into other languages.  We do not charge for this service.  Source papers must be in press with a peer-reviewed journal and approved by our board.  Contact us to recommend a paper.

Publishers: Our briefings can increase your sales and citation impact factors.  To recommend your journal or individual papers please contact us.

Original Research  We publish original articles on the social studies of environmentalism.  Submissions should be double-spaced with a serif font and one-inch margins.  We follow Chicago Style 16th Ed.  Email your submission to: CriticalEnvironmentalism[at] and an editor will respond within 30 days to inform you if your paper has been selected for peer review.

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